Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains when and why JPS IT York collects your personal data. This policy describes what we will do with this data and provides details of the legal conditions in which we may need to disclose the information to others. Details of the ways we keep your information secure is also explained in this document.

Ways In Which We Obtain Your Information

  • When you contact us regarding the services we provide
  • When you visit our website
  • When you subscribe to our informative newsletter

Details Of The Information We Obtain

The details we obtain could include your name, address, IP address and email address. When you contact us regarding our services, we will need details regarding your business. This will enable us to provide you with the most effective service as possible. The details of your business which we will require include your domain details and also details of your server information.

What Do We Do With Your Information?

There are many reasons we may use your information. These reasons include:

  • They help us to provide an excellent service to our clients
  • Enable us to carry out our internal record keeping
  • Allow us to keep you up to date with details of any changes we make to our services

  • We will be able to obtain feedback from our clients regarding the services we provide

  • Enable us to send you useful information, for example, details of any legal requirements regarding your website. We will also send you information regarding relevant security updates

It is important to note, we are legally obliged to retain some of the information we obtain for at least six years. This is so we abide by UK laws. We may be required to share some of your information with law enforcement agencies.

Will JPS IT York Share Your Information?

No, JPS IT York will not rent, share or sell your personal details with any third party. We will never share any of your information with a third party for marketing purposes. We only ever share your information for accounting purposes and, if it is ever required, with law enforcement agencies.

It's Your Personal Choice

It is your choice if you wish to receive further correspondence from JPS IT York. You can opt out of further contact from us by unsubscribing from our newsletter. You can unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time. JPS IT York will never contact you for marketing purposes unless we have received your prior consent.

Keep Your Information Up To Date

In order for us to provide an effective service, it is extremely important that you ensure that the personal information we hold on you is up to date. If your details change at any time, please contact us at:

Our Use Of 'Cookies'

It is a common occurrence that websites use cookies. JPS IT York is no different. In simple terms, cookies are small files which a company or organisation send to your computer. These cookies enable each website to recognise you when you visit them. The cookies on the website collects statistical data regarding your internet browsing habits and patterns. This information allows the organisation to better tailor their business to meet the needs of their clients.

You are able to turn off cookies on a website via your browser preferences. Turning off the cookies to a website will unfortunately effect it's functionality.

Your Website Domain Name

Registering your chosen domain name involves the legal requirement of sharing your details on the WHOIS database. By registering on the WHOIS database, your details are automatically made available on the internet. If you do not want your details on the internet, you have to opt out. We offer this advise to all of our clients, however, it is the decision of the client if they listen to our advice to opt out.

Google Analytics

In order to track how our users interact with our website, which enables us to provide an effective service, we use Google Analytics. This information allows us to see how our users navigate through our pages

Google Analytics does not allow us to see any personal information It records data about your geographic location, details about your operating system and internet browser. It does tell Google more details about you, however, Google does not share this information.

If you do not want Google to track the websites you visit, you can switch off your cookies. However, as we have already explained, turning off the cookies will effect the websites functionality.

What Security Precautions Do We Have In Place?

We use a number of different techniques in order to keep your personal information secure. These include:

We encrypt all of the information we obtain: JPS IT York always use the correct collection, storage and processing policies whenever we handle anyone's personal information. We always ensure that we take the appropriate security measures to ensure your information is protected at all times. This is so we can ensure your information isn't altered or given to unauthorised individuals. Our website uses an SSL communications channel when data is exchanged between JPS IT York and the users of our website. Using this channel ensures than any data that is transferred is encrypted and protected by digital signatures.

Your passwords are always kept confidential:

We do not keep a record of the passwords we generate for our clients. This reduces the possibility of your password falling into the wrong hands and your personal information becoming public. We never discuss passwords with anyone else other than the person requesting the password.

Our clients are also responsible in keeping their passwords confidential: It is extremely important that our clients do not share their passwords with others. It is advised that our users do not use an easy to work out password or leave the password lying around for others to find. This reduces the chance of your information being passed on to a third party.

Our clients must keep their passwords confidential: Our clients are also responsible in ensuring that they keep their passwords confidential. It is extremely important that they do not share their passwords with anyone else. This will reduce the chance of anyone being able to gain access to any personal information.

Regular updates to our server: One way we reduce our servers being hacked and your information being leaked, is by ensuring that we regularly update the servers. These updates contain critical bug fixes and vulnerability patches. These increase the security of our servers. All of the servers for JPS IT York are based in secure locations in the UK. They are also based in an external servers.

Links To Other Websites

We do not control the content, or privacy policy of any of the websites that have links on our website. Our privacy policy only covers JPS IT York. We therefore advise that if you do follow a link to another website from JPS IT York, that you read their policies, terms and conditions thoroughly. Browsing the other websites are subject to that website's policies.

Please also take into account that if you link to JPS IT York through a third party website, we cannot be held responsible for anything on the third party website. You need to read through the privacy policy of the third party website to ensure that you agree with it.

Clients Aged 16 Or Under

If any of our clients are aged 16 years or under, they will need to obtain their parent's or guardians permission before they provide us with any personal information.

Amends To Our Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change our privacy policy at any time. We will, however, inform our website users that we have made alterations to our policy by changing the date at the bottom of this policy. It is therefore advised that you check this policy on a regular basis to ensure that you have all of the up to date information regarding how we will keep your information safe. By using our website, you are agreeing the details outlined in this document.

pPease contact us by email at, or by telephone on 03333 444923 if you have any questions regarding our privacy policy.

Policy Review

Policy last updated: May 2018.

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